IGCSE Biology 4th edition

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D G Mackean

Biology Experiments 2: Supplementary Experiments

The experiments on this page are a continuation of the experiments on Biology Experiments 1. These experiments are grouped under the heading 'Supplementary' because they are either (i) extensions of previous experiments, (ii) involve more expensive reagents, (iii) need specially prepared apparatus, (iv) are more complicated than those in the previous list, or (v) more suited to advanced students. The experiments are offered in Word format. If you do not have Microsoft Word installed you can download Word Viewer free here.

Food tests

8 How specific is Benedicts?
9 Test for sucrose
10 Testing for sugar
11 Testing for protein
12 Testing for fats
13 General food tests
14 Energy in food
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8 Hydrolysis of starch
9 Saliva on starch
10 Pepsin on egg white
11 Pepsin and pH
12 Action of lipase
13 Starch phosphorylase
14 Dehydrogenase in yeast
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13 Products of combustion
14 Vital capacity
15 Muscle contraction
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Germination and tropisms

17 Geotropism in shoots


10 Conditions affecting production of oxygen
10a Effect of light on gas production
10b Effect of carbon dioxide on gas production
10c Effect of temperature on gas production
11 Starch production in darkness
12a Carbohydrate production in iris leaves
12b Need for carbon dioxide; using iris leaves
13 Chromatographic analysis of chlorophyll
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